About The Site

Just Garrett is a UK fan site dedicated to actor Garrett Hedlund.

We are not affiliated with Garrett and all the content we post comes from public sources or our site affiliates.

We do not own any pictures. Everything is © copyright to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

We credit all the content like fan art, fan videos and our sources.

On our site we don’t support any kind of gossip about Garrett’s personal life and we don’t post anything regarding this kind of topic.

We are here to support Garrett’s career and nothing else. We fully respect his privacy and him as an actor and a person.

We ask for a respect towards Garrett,  this site’s content and it’s information.

If you repost anything from our site, please give credit to us and the original source.

For the record, we know for a fact that Garrett DOES NOT have a Facebook or Twitter account – he has stated so publicly and any ‘Garrett’ you may be following is a fake so we advise you to not to encourage the fakes.

Eva and Mariel


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