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Spike TV Scream Awards – Don’t Forget to Vote for Tron Legacy!

Tron Legacy is nominated in 5 categories for the sixth annual Scream Awards.

The show will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 18.

So go and vote! 😀

Best Science Fiction Movie

Best 3-D Movie

Best Science Fiction Actress

Best F/X

Holy Sh!t Scene Of The Year

Thanks to MrHedlund and Frans


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Boxleitner Spills on TRON 3

I had gone to D23 for many events and had the chance to meet Bruce Boxleitner.

When I had approached him for an autograph I had said to him, ‘So, can you tell me anything about TRON 3?’ He replies, ‘It’s currently in the process of writing, we may see it in ’13 (2013).’ I go on and ask him about TRON: Uprising, and that my dad had worked on it (he seemed really interested) and he told me that ‘TRON: Uprising isn’t for kids, it’s for all ages.’

He says that the show is really beautiful and so cool. He also goes on and tells me, ‘We all know that Kevin Flynn blows up at the end of Legacy, but someone may take over.’ And he proceeds to wink at me and that was it.

So, is TRON going to take over in TRON 3? We shall see when the time comes (:

Thank you to Celine for posting her story over on Hedlund Fan – please credit if you repost this anywhere.

And thanks to Laura for posting the video over at Garrett Minds.

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Another Tron: Legacy Interview with Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde

They are both so funny and cute 🙂 Thanks again to Elle for posting over at Garrett Minds! 🙂 

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Tron Legacy Behind the Scenes Video

Great video made by Laura from Garrett Minds!

I cannot wait for the DVD!  It’s released here in UK in two days! 😀

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Win Tickets to the Tron: Legacy DVD & Reconfigured Album Launch Party in London

Now this is a rather awesome prize! Disney have been in touch to offer us 5 pairsoftickets to their Tron: Legacy DVD & Reconfigured Album Launch Party which is taking place in London next Wednesday, 20th April. The party is to celebrate the release of Tron: Legacy on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand, and Digital Download (order your copy here) as well as the launch of the Tron: Reconfigured Album; a remix album of the stunning Daft Punk release.

There will also be some performances by some very special guests. After attending the premiere after-party for this movie, I have no doubt that this event will be spectacular!

On April 20th April 2011, The Walt Disney Company will be celebrating the release of TRON: Legacy DVD/BLUE RAY & RECONFIGURED ALBUM with a Launch Party @ Heaven nightclub in London, featuring performances by some special guests. 

Beyond the amazing line up, Heaven will be plugged into the GRID for the night to create the ultimate TRON experience and an amazing hands on experience provided by HP ePrint.

Tron: Legacy stars, Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett and is directed by Joseph Kosinski. If you missed our rather extensive coverage of the Theatrical release, you can check it all out here.

To be in with a chance of winning one pair of tickets to this exclusive event, all you need to do is become a fan of HeyUGuys on Facebook and answer the question using this form

Have you become a fan? I did! This is a great opportunity as it seem it will be an amazing party!

I live only an hour from London so I’d love to win! 😉

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Tron: Legacy Screencaps

Now that I have your attention, check out THIS site for an amazing collection of Tron: Legacy screencaps.

Thanks to Laura for posting the link over at Garrett Minds. 🙂

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Tron: Legacy is out on DVD in the US NOW!


However us poor people over here in the UK have to wait til April the 18th to get a hold of our copy, but you can pre-order your copy HERE.

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