If you’d like to contact us, you can send us an email to or send us a message via twitter.


4 responses to “Contact

  1. Dear,

    Autograph Adress…?

    Kind Regars,
    Brigitta Häfliger

  2. If you go to, there are all the addresses you need, like where to send a fan mail or something 🙂

  3. Valeska


    Heres an idea:
    Jacks death was faked in the first film to fool victor sweet. This way, Jack would be alive in the sequel to Four Brothers thats in the works! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  4. Ariel Sehlstrom

    Garrett Hedlund is actually my uncle, step uncle if you wanna be technical. If you look up who his dad, my Grandpa, is married to it would say Yvonne Hedlund who is my grandma. Yvonne has a daughter named Jennifer Nelson who is my mom. I’m Ariel Sehlstrom. Garrett was always athletic. When I was little we’d play basketball, I was only 2, now im 16. I never talk to him though. I only hear stuff from my grandparents. so me and him are not close.

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