Hi! I’m Eva, I live in England and I have created this site dedicated to Garrett Hedlund in July 2010. The 13th to be exact.  So I guess 13 is a lucky number right? 😉

I am happy to be running Just Garrett with Mariel aka Lady Magnus!  I met her through the greatest forum Garrett Minds where all the great fans of Garrett get together and in November 2010 she became my awesome site partner! We’ve been running it together since. We wanted to support Garrett here in UK and we became the first fan site for him over here :).

Why Garrett?

The first movie I ever saw with Garrett was Four Brothers and that’s where it all started. Who doesn’t like Jackiepoo?? 😉 I have been following Garrett’s career since.  Movies like Friday Night Lights and Death Sentence left me speechless and amazed how good and believable Garrett is in each of the roles he plays. The way he portraits Billy Darley is one of the best performances I have seen. I admire how he always transforms into his characters and makes you look twice to realize it’s actually Garrett, especially with his transformation for Billy. That’s what I admire about him. He’s not afraid to take a risk, to go from a Mormon virgin to a bad ass gang leader or from a computer geek to a country singer. Oh and can he sing!

He gives his all into every role. I love all the characters he’s played so far and cannot wait what comes next! We shall support him all the way!

Being Garrett’s fan has brought me to meet many amazing people through Garrett Minds forum and make many great friends from all over the world.

I am honoured to support Garrett in everything he does not only because he is a great actor and once you see him on screen you surely won’t forget him but he also seems to be such a nice and humble guy that doesn’t want to be all over the papers and media.

All he wants to do is ‘heal people’ through movies – as he once said. And he sure does that for me :).

So I finish with my favourite Garrett quote:

…’Live as much as you can…Don’t let fear hold you back from anything. That feels really right right now, doesn’t it?’

Eva xxx


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