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E! Online Interview with Garrett

‘Garrett Hedlund is a man of (not) many words.

Even so, I did get the chance to chat with him at the Maui Film Festival, where he was honored with the Rising Star Award.

Yes, Twi-hards, we talked about his On The Road costar Kristen Stewart

“The great thing about being a great actress is you can do everything and I think she can do anything she wants,” Hedlund said when I asked about Stewart’s upcoming turn as Snow White.

He laughed when I joked about him hitting her up for a Twilight gig. “No, I never asked her for a part,” he said. “Which part would I ask her for?” As Hedlund first told me in December, “[Stewart] was signed on to the movie before the first Twilight ever hit theaters. She’s so good and she’s so devoted. She’s such an incredibly hard worker.”

In the pic, based on Jack Keourac‘s Beat Generation classic of the same name and directed by Walter Salles, Hedlund plays the character based on the late Neal Cassady. Hedlund and Salles recently met Carolyn Cassady, Neal’s second wife. “It was an era that changed so many people’s lives in the last 50 years or so,” Hedlund said. “It was a movement that was powerful and I feel so privileged to be a part of the film.”

Another film he could certainly be a part of is the sequel to the Tron reboot. It was recently announced that a script was being written for a potential follow-up. When I asked if Hedlund if he wanted to revisit his role as Sam Flynn, Hedlund wouldn’t say, but flashed me a very big smile.

We also laughed about the so-called “bromance” he was having with fellow festival honoree Andrew Garfield in Hawaii. “He’s so annoying,” Hedlund cracked. “No, he’s such a great person. I’ve known him for a couple of years now.”

The paparazzi may have been all over their Maui excursions, but they failed to get the money shot. “They didn’t get us paddle boarding,” Hedlund said about the long-lensed shutterbugs. “At one point, he hugged me and he was like, ‘Let the paps get this!'”



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E! News Interview with Garrett and Andrew Garfield

Thanks to Laura from Garrett Minds for uploading! 🙂

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Backstage with Garrett at the Young Hollywood Awards – Cambio Interview

Garrett and Michael Sheen were being interviewed at the Young Hollywood Awards and I love this picture of them two. 🙂

Garrett talks On the road in this video!

Thanks to hedlundlover and Ily from Garrett Hedlund Italy for posting these over at Garrett Minds! 😉

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Another Tron: Legacy Interview with Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde

They are both so funny and cute 🙂 Thanks again to Elle for posting over at Garrett Minds! 🙂 

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Jeff Bridges Talks About Garrett

Garrett is a great guy. I have three daughters and no sons, but when I look at Garrett, I can see that he could be my son. There´s something about him that reminds me of myself, which is why casting him as my son was perfect. He was a joy to work with and I think he did an amazing job in “TRON: Legacy.” He´s going to go far.


So nice from Jeff to say such a lovely thing about Garrett. I love this man 😉

Thanks to MrHedlund! 🙂

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Tron: Legacy Video with Garrett/Disney XD – Light Cycle

Thanks again to Laura from Garrett Minds! 😉

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Tim McGraw talks about Garrett Hedlund on Jimmy Fallon

Thanks again to Elle for posting on Garrett Minds

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